I seek shade, to dance with you my love
Of these old tunes that come to mind
When the sun goes out and returned in the evening

I look for the shadows, for us to protect them my love
To discover your body, away from light
And still love you as a foreigner

I seek shade, to extinguish the fire my love
Who eats my soul and burns in my veins
From this desire in me that infamous is loosed

I seek shade, to mourn with you my love
On that life is too short to file between our fingers
And who eats in the days m’éloignant you

I seek the shade

I seek the shade, as it seeks a friend my love
Who will take us by hand, without tears, without grief
To lead us elsewhere, hide our happiness

Hide our happiness

And I seek the shade
And I seek the shade
I seek the shade …